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Womens Jaeger Jeans aderenti, Bianco 29870191

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  • Modello: A201407
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James jeans are popular for their amazing cut and beautifully soft denim which provides comfortable and flattering results. Patented back pocket darts offers 3-dimensional support, lifting upwards and inwards.

A contoured waistband ensures no gaping at the back and comfort at the front waist.

Brand:James Jeans



Material:65% Cotton, 33% Lyocell, 2% Elastane

Rise@InformationLow: Sits on the hips roughly 2" or more below the naval & should measure 7.5" or less, Medium: Perching on the hip bone just below the naval, a mid-rise should measure 8" to 9", High: Will sit at or above the naval & is likely to be 9.5" or more :Mid

Trouser Length:Regular

Washing Instructions:Machine washable